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Botswana is one of the top African safari destinations that still deliver fantastic adventure safaris. Its diverse and unspoilt landscapes provide natural habitats for varied wildlife. Botswana lies in South Africa and its landscapes consist of vast bare flat plains.

The Okavango delta is perhaps the most remarkable feature on the Kalahari sands. It empties its waters into the sands creating the largest inland river delta in the world. It is the prime destination for game viewing offering intimate contact with nature. Its clear waters and islands are home to an astounding variety of birds, plants and small animal species.

The Chobe National Park is a beautiful grassland reserve that has gained international recognition for its abundant elephant population. Southeast of Chobe are the huge Makgadikgadi salt pans, home to large herds of blue wildebeest, antelopes and flamingoes.

The Kalahari Desert dominates most of the country; it is therefore sparsely populated and is one of the richest wildlife regions in Africa.


Egypt is a popular for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, which even made it to the ancient list of World Wonders. The great monuments along the River Nile include the massive Giza Pyramids, The Great sphinx and the ancient temples of Luxor dating back thousands of years.


Egypt is not a just a destination for historic vultures but also offers opportunities for other adventures such as snorkeling and diving along the Red Sea, trekking across the eastern desert and hiking to the heights of Mount Sinai. It is also a popular spot for luxury holidays with many beautiful resorts in stunning surroundings where you can forget about your worries.

The Temple of Karnak is yet another impressive ancient religious site north of Luxor that represents the effort of several generations of Egyptian builders.
The Red Sea off the coast of Egypt offers some of the most beautiful seascapes on the planet. The waters of the Red Sea offer clear visibility of wide expanses of coral formations on the reefs; it is home to vibrant sea creatures.

A trip to this historical gem of Africa is incomplete without a relaxed cruise down the river Nile in a traditional Felucca.


The Garden Route is one of the most picturesque stretches of coastlines in the world. No visit to the Western Cape is complete without at least a few days exploring the gorgeous coastline. The naming is from its lush greenery and the dense Tsitsikamma Forest. The coastal route traverses through the towns of Mossel Bay, George, Wilderness, Sedgefield, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Natures Valley. Each of the towns offers unique attractions and charms.

The Garden Route is ideal for a self-drive tour along the N2 highway from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth through the farming region of Overberg.

Alternatively, the route 62 offers another incredible drive through Breeder River, Valley towns of Robertson and Ashton on to Oudtshoorn before connecting with N2 at George.

Romantic, relaxing, family fun or active, the Garden Route has it all. Activities such as hiking, swimming and walking are plentiful, spectacular views and feasting on oysters are some of the offings of the route.


Ending well – the importance of choosing a competent executor


By Jeffrey Wiseman, head of Fiduciary Services, Momentum Wealth


The author, Jim George, once said, “it’s not how you start that’s important, but how you finish”, a statement that applies to so many aspects of life. At Momentum, we believe that true financial wellness includes making sure that you have a will in place and that your estate will be administered efficiently when you die. After all, your will contains your instructions for the distribution of the results of your lifetime’s hard work in creating your financial net worth. It is therefore an extremely important document that ought to be given the attention it deserves.


When we talk about wills we tend to focus on the will itself and pay little attention to how it will be implemented one day when you die. A properly drafted will is only the start, and you should not underestimate the benefits of nominating a skilled executor who is able give effect to your wishes. A good executor can ensure that your beneficiaries do not endure difficulties that can easily be avoided.


Understanding the executor’s role and duties


The death of a loved one is a very emotional time that ought not to be overshadowed by complications in the estate administration process. It is therefore important to take care when having your will prepared, a process that should include selecting a competent executor and taking the time to understand the process that he will follow when winding up your estate. The administration of deceased estates is a legally regulated process that is overseen by the Master of the High Court. The Master appoints an executor to attend to the administration of the deceased estate and his responsibilities include:


  • interpreting the will,
  • dealing with the assets forming part of the deceased estate,
  • settling debts, and
  • protecting the interests of beneficiaries.


If a person has business interests, the executor must make arrangements for the continuation of the business while the estate is being administered. The executor is required to prepare a liquidation and distribution account, which details the deceased’s assets and liabilities and records how the estate is to be distributed. The liquidation and distribution account is a public document that must be advertised to lie for inspection and the estate may only be distributed once there are no outstanding objections to this account.


The executor is subject to certain time limits and it is therefore important that he takes control of the situation and works quickly and accurately. He must familiarise himself with all aspects of the deceased’s circumstances so that he is in a position to make decisions that will cause the least disruption. If the executor fails to do this, assets may be missed or businesses may experience unnecessary hardship. For example, a beneficiary may require an interim distribution from an estate to fund living expenses and, if a liquid asset is missed, the executor may mistakenly believe that he is not in a position to assist. Similarly, unless the executor familiarises himself with the specific circumstances pertaining to a deceased’s business interests, the business operations may be compromised with devastating consequences for those involved in the business and the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate.


Helping the process when you are not there


Here are three things that you can do to assist your executor:


  1. Keep all of your important documents together so that they can be presented to the executor neatly; this will shorten the time that the executor needs to familiarise himself with your affairs.
  2. Ask your financial adviser to calculate how much cash your executor will need to settle outstanding bills and to pay fees, and make sure that there will be enough cash in your estate for this. Cash can be made available to your executor either by way of liquid assets in the estate or life cover that pays to your estate.
  3. If you have business interests, make sure that they are structured to be able to continue as smoothly as possible without you there.


By making sure that your will is clear and easily executable, and that you choose a competent executor, you can be assured that you will end financially well.


The opinion and comment in this newsletter is opinion and comment only and does not in any way constitute personal financial advice. For all financial, fiduciary, investment decisions please consult a qualified and registered expert.

When a trusted resource refers you to someone, you take the time to explore the option.

To Like You Is to Trust You

Building relationships takes time, so it’s important to start demonstrating your trustworthiness right out of the gate.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Trust me”? Uh, huh. Sure.

In an era of economic instability and wrecked public faith in business, trust is no longer the default starting point for skeptical consumers. It must be earned and nurtured over time.

That’s why cold calling doesn’t work, and neither does pitching people on LinkedIn.

So how do you earn your prospects’ trust and start building relationships that translate into sales? With referral based selling, half the work is already done for you. Because people your prospects know and trust have vouched for you, you have credibility with them before you even walk into the meeting.

To Trust You Paves the Way

When we’ve earned our clients’ trust, not only do they keep coming back for more (even bigger) deals. They also become our most loyal cheerleaders and advocates—spreading the word about our value to their friends and colleagues.

Relationships built on trust give us an edge over our competitors, who often don’t even get a chance to compete. After all, why would prospects bother shopping around if they already know they can trust you?

Marketing automation, social media, and CRM are great tools for organizing the sales process. But at the end of the day, referrals are still the best way to generate qualified, hot leads with Ideal Clients. Trust trumps technology every day. Technology takes us just so far. Then it’s time to make a personal connection!

Yes, you should have an online presence. You should utilize social media and explore the plethora of technology tools available to make your sales process more efficient. But don’t fool yourself into thinking these tools give you a predictable, guaranteed edge, because everyone else is using the same tools.

What will give you an edge is a well-connected, well-nurtured network of Referral Sources. That’s right—it’s still who you know that counts.

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