Insurance contracts have all the details about what you should know, but who reads that whole document?

Some of the simplest things you should know, which are common with each insurer is:

1.      Your tires need to be in good shape. That means, it should be above the little bump guide between the groves of your tyre.

2.      Insurance do not pay out when you are involved in illegal driving, like over limit with alcohol. Get insurance who have a collect service on a wedding night out or something.

3.      Never admit an accident was your fault. Say you are sorry, it was an accident, it happened so fast but refrain from admitting it was directly and only your fault.

4.      Take picture as soon as possible from every angle and most detail the better especially if it wasn’t you who caused the accident. It helps with claiming back your access payment from other parties insurance.

5.      Get yourself the best car rental inclusion as part of your policy especially if you only have one car.

6.      Make sure you understand the details of comprehensive insurance and when you change plan, confirm they give you the same for that smaller premium and not just simply changing the plan to less insurance.

7.      When they say all your items are covered under comprehensive insurance, make sure the value that is covered is enough for the items or you will need to specify them.

8.      Items in cars, like laptops need to be hidden, like the boot.

There are many more and you can contact us for comprehensive check of your insurance needs.

Risk planning could take part of many forms and many people are sometimes penny wise and pound foolish when they act hastily in setting up structures.
Risk planning started when ships travelled from Europe to other countries, losing fingers, arms, legs and their lives. These sailors could pay a small fee to cover each body part and is known today as functional impairment. Insurance has developed into better cover across the globe.

For Business we look at:

Keyman Insurance
Keyman insurance is an arrangement whereby an employer insures the life of a key employee for the purpose of compensating for the loss of income that the employer would suffer in the event of the employees death or disability thereby ensuring the successful continued business operation.

Keyman insurance guarantees that cash will be able to absorb any disruptions to the business protecting existing credit facilities and provide the necessary funds for the recruitment and training of a replacement.

The employer will be able to deduct the premiums for income tax purposes if the policy conforms to section II(w) of the Income Tax Act. No income tax implications are incurred by the employee. The proceeds will be taxable in the hands of the employer if the premiums were deductible in terms of section II(w).

Buy and Sell
Buy and sell insurance should be taken out by the co-owners of the business to ensure that there will be funds available to purchase deceased or disabled co-owners interest.

Each co-owner will consequently own a policy on the life of the other and pay the premiums under the policy of which they are the owners. When more than one co-owner is involved, the policy on the life of each co-owner will be co-owned by the other co-owners, proportionate to their interest in the company.

The premiums are not tax deductible by the co-owners as the proceeds will be tax-free.

Contingency Liability
A contingent liability arises when one or more co-owners sign surety for the loans or other credit facilities of the business. The co-owner/s will therefore be bound jointly and severally for payment of the debt incurred by the business.

The policy should preferably include disability cover and the amount of life and disability cover should be equal to the loan amount. The business pays the premiums and an agreement is entered into between the business and the member / co-owner in terms of which the business undertakes to apply the proceeds of the policy to the repayment of the loan giving rise to the personal guarantees given by the member / co-owner.

If the policy is conforming the proceeds will be taxable in the hands of the employer.

There has been dramatic development on this subject and many business owners do not have the correct documentation which has put themselves, partners and workers at risk.

See  MyLifestyle  for details on rewards partners    


  •    Employee incentive programs are very rewarding.
  •     Rewarding your customers certainly benefits them but what are you getting out of it?


Ever hear the 80/20 rule - where 80 percent of your sales will come from 20% of our customers? Customer retention is the key to healthy business growth. Loyalty Gator can help you retain your most valuable customers.


Add incentives like extra points on slow-moving products or off-peak days to encourage increased traffic and spending. Loyalty rewards are an attractive selling tool to new prospects and enticing feature to previous customers that you haven’t seen in a while.


to your site. From your website, customers can enrol for a membership card, check their point balance, and review rewards available to them, increasing your website frequency. A great place to promote special offers for loyalty members and entice new customers to sign up.


Discover your most loyal customers. Track your customers' visits, frequency, money spent, and more with our marketing reports. Anticipate sales trends, see where your marketing dollars are most valuable and segment your customers for target marketing.


and drive repeat visits. Have a personalized email automatically sent to each customer immediately after every transaction - it’s free! A great way to thank them for visiting that day and keep them thinking about you. You can also include a special offer inside!



The best advertising is a positive reference from existing customers.

Loyal customers tend to make more referrals to your business.

You can increase excitementby offering bonus points to your current customers when they refer

a friend to your business...

If you wonder what getting and keeping the right employees has to do with getting and keeping the right customers, the answer is everything.


They are much more likely to promote your brand in a positive manner, both inside and outside of the office. This generally translates into word-of-mouth marketing the best kind of marketing. Happy employees are less likely to leave, which keeps turnover low and will save you money on training costs and errors. Gaining employee loyalty and boosting employee morale is easy with Loyalty Gator.

Our employee loyalty program is designed to promote employee motivation and secure your best performers so your company will continue to grow. Not only will employee loyalty help maintain customer loyalty, but loyal employees generally help recruit other top performers to your business. Increasingly, companies are looking for new and creative ways to boost employee morale instead of an old fashioned monetary bonus. Motivating employees with direct financial compensation can actually have adverse effects. Many countries have tax laws that penalize financial bonuses, causing the incentive to be less than impressive. Generally, tax laws are much more favourable towards non-monetary rewards. This is why MyLifestyle Loyalty Program is such a hit. Did you know that employee incentive programs can usually be written off as a business expense too?!
The bottom line is:

What is your offering?

How about giving your employees or management special privileges like:

Discounts on Flights, Accommodation, Holidays, Branded clothing, Designer furniture, Vehicle purchases, iTunes...and more.

·         -10% - Europe car rental,

·         -5% - 25%- Auto purchase discounts,

·         -5% - iTunes,

·         -20 -55% Accommodation,

·         Flights best price guarantee,

·         Brands, fashion, sport, kids clothing at up to -55%,

·         -10% Designer furniture,

·         -5% extra discount on Books,

·         Online added education for school kids @ only R250p/y!

·         6 Months extensive business education.

They will love you for it!

Find out more today.

Millions in the bank or business sold, what to do with your investment?

The answer is, it depends on your needs. Before the money burn and all opportunities smile for you, you need to take a sunday afternoon step back and plan.

  • Plan for short, medium and long term.
  • Plan for when things do not work out with one investment.
  • Plan for cashflow, budget.

We have talked about the various avenues of investing, and it is important to know that within those choices, there are different structures.

Let's talk about inveting in listed shares first.

As we know, the word means you own a part of a business or units of businesses and other investments like listed property.

  1. You can take your money direct to stock exchage,
  2. You can give it to a fund manager,
  3. You can give it to a fund manager through a platform which switch your investments between fund managers fast and with ease and at almost no cost,
  4. You can place it on a LISP platform in unit trusts.

Like with any business, the manager makes a great impack on your investment. It takes a good ear on the ground to choose the correct one.

In our next descussion we will continue the outlook of investing.

There is a number of very basic systems which greatly impacts your life.


  • Budget Planning  - (The least effort, but massive impact)
  • Financial Planning - Risk
  • Financial Planning - Needs
  • Financial Planning - Dreams


We will soon have an interactive online system which will help you plan all your finances, 24/7.

You will have your own online portfolio with tools from:

  • Investing in unit trusts,
  • Retirement annuity tax benefits,
  • Property portfolio evaluator,
  • Business analyser,
  • Business budget planning,
  • Personal budgets,
  • Education planner,
  • Tax manager,
  • And many more..


While we are prepairing these fantastic systems and tools, you are welcome to contact us for all your financial planning needs.



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