Wick’tory not only delivers fantastic Accounting and Risk Management services, but also facilitates innovative products.


One such product is Flex Payment solutions

Our payment solution is a fast and cost effective solution for various industries.


Main futures for using Flex-Pay:

·        Safe and secure online or POS payments worldwide,

·        Cost effective payroll system,

·        Easy card issue and safe pin registration procedures,

·        Online management control,

·        Fast implementation and execution.


Payroll and payments to employees simplified with a one lump sum payment solution.

Easy add and remove employees


Get in touch today and find out why small and large companies are using the Flex-Pay system.

Who uses the Flex Payment solutions?

• Construction companies pay their bricklayers, tilers, welders and plasterers with the MasterCard(TM) Flex-Pay Card.
• Teachers are given the cards by the School to use on school trips.
• A Wick’tory Profile owner uses the Flex-Pay Card to pay their domestic worker.
• NGO's uses it to pay their staff.
• Farmers use it to pay their farm labourers.
• Bead work companies use it to pay their bead workers.
• Cabinet / furniture makers use it to pay their staff.
• A number of companies use it to give to their office managers to use for various office expenses.
• A State-owned institution uses the Flex-Pay Card to give to their office managers for certain expenses.
• Aviation companies use the Flex-Pay Card to pay their workers.
• Company employees that are concerned about the safety of funds and who feel their personal security may be threatened, use the MasterCard(TM) Flex-Pay Card to pay their workers instead of cash.
• Companies give it to staff members who don’t have a bank account.

Allocating cards

Once you receive the Flex-Pay Card cards you will be able to allocate the cards to your employees. Their full names and contact details are required

When allocating a card to a card bearer, please note that the Flex-Pay Card site is case sensitive. Therefore, when entering the card bearer’s name and surname in the relevant fields it must be typed in exactly as it appears on the card bearer’s ID/Passport/visa/birth certificate.

When an existing card is stopped, and a new card is allocated to the same card bearer, the details of that card bearer must be entered exactly as it was initially captured for the card that has been stopped card.

This will ensure that verification of the card bearer’s details can take place accurately for the new card.

  What is a Flex-Pay Card?

We have introduced a simple alternative to cash or cheque payment of salary, wages or petty cash. If you use cash or cheques to pay your employees; you can now make payments to a disposable Flex-Pay Card.

Once the cards have been loaded the card can be used to withdraw cash at any local banks’ ATMs or Cash Back at stores or  it can be used to pay for goods and services at any merchant where the MasterCard logo is displayed.

 The cards takes away the risk of managing and carrying large amounts of cash. Flex-Pay Cards are - so they may be used for multiple salary or wage payments to each employee. Cards expire after 3 years.

 Is your payroll cash and cheque intensive?

Flex-Pay Card now offers you an easier solution to paying your employees. It is a prepaid MasterCard that is ideal for paying employees who may not have a bank account.

The card is a PIN authenticated prepaid card product that may be loaded again and again.

It works like a debit card. The Flex-Pay Card can be used by the cardholder to withdraw cash at an ATM or pay for goods at a shop with a point-of-sale machine.

 Getting your payroll onto Flex-Pay Cards

As an employer you will order cards then load them with the salaries or wages, and then hand them to each employee. You may load up to R50 000 per card. The employee (cardholder) may use up to R3 000 a day at ATM, R10 000 at POS and R20 000 per day online EFT.

 Benefits of Flex-Pay Card

A simple alternative to cash and cheque, salary and wage payments

A re-loadable card that can be used to withdraw cash using MasterCard(TM) or other bank ATM and purchase goods and services at merchants displaying MasterCard logo

Employees have a safe and simple solution to replace cash and cheque wage payments

  Employers may also use Flex-Pay Card for petty cash payments.

How can I purchase Flex-Pay Cards?

You can order unloaded Flex-Pay Cards from this website via the contact form.  

Cards are ordered on the website and must be paid for using an electronic account payment. A reference number will be allocated to you and all payments made by you relating to Flex-Pay Cards must contain this reference number. Payments from a MasterCard(TM) account will take 1 business day, payments from other banks can take up to 3 days. Please take this into consideration when planning payments.

Once payment has been received, the card order will be produced and delivered either to your nearest branch or your premises. An email will be dispatched confirming order has been placed and is ready for collection.

 Loading funds onto Flex-Pay Cards

Once you receive the cards you will be able to allocate the cards to your employees. Their full names and cellphone numbers are required.

Calculate the value of payroll and pay via electronic account payment into account number provided using your unique reference number and allowing sufficient time for payment to be received. Cash and cheque deposits will not be accepted.

Deposits can take 1 to 3 days to reflect. When a deposit is made on a weekend it will only reflect on the Tuesday after that weekend.

Transfer funds from your Flex-Pay Account to employee’s cards as required. You will be able to load an activation time and date.

As an employer you can be safe in the knowledge that the Flex-Pay Cards are not loaded or active until the specified date and time. You can then distribute the Flex-Pay Cards to each employee, together with the PIN in a sealed envelope before the cards are activated.

 Activating cards

When cards have been activated, the risk of holding “cash” is passed to your employees, who can withdraw their cash or use the card to make payments at merchants.

Purchases at merchants are R2.80

Re-loads cost R10.00

The re-loading process is the same as the initial loading process. You will simply need to transfer funds to your employees.

Cards can be re-loaded until card expires. Any balance remaining on the card on expiry can be transferred by you to a new card.

  Employees can withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for purchases with or without cash back at merchants.

Only Employers can deposit funds into the card. The maximum load / re-load amount is R25 000 and the balance on the card cannot exceed R100 000. No debit orders can be processed against the card.

Lost or stolen cards

If a card is lost or stolen, or the cardholder forgets their PIN, a replacement card has to be issued by the employer. Employers or employee can stop the card by calling between 9am to 11pm,  or you can stop the card on the website. Once the card has been stopped, you will be able issue a replacement card and transfer the funds from the lost or stolen card to the new card. Any transactions made before the card was reported lost will be a loss to the cardholder.

  Terms and conditions

Cards are produced with a PIN and are attached to a card carrier showing how to use the cards at an ATM. On the reverse of the card carrier are the terms and conditions in English..


Card order

R30.00 per card


R10.00 per card

Card delivery Face to Face to Employers


1 - 50 cards


51 - 600 cards


601 - 2000 cards



 Monthly Admin                                                               R20.00

ATM cash withdrawal at a local ATM

R4.75 (+ R0.85/R100 or portion thereof)

ATM cash withdrawal at International bank ATM


Purchases at merchants


Purchase plus cash back at merchants


Balance enquiry at ATM


Balance enquiry at International bank ATM


SMS Balance enquiry


Declined cash withdrawal




 Benefits of Flex-Pay Card

  • Payment always arrives on time
    No time wasted in banking queues or cheque - cashing stores
    Access to your money anytime and anywhere
    Safer as you do not need to carry your entire wages on pay day
    You now have the prestige of carrying a MasterCard branded product
    You can receive you pay even when you not on the job on payday


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