FlexPayroll uses the leading web based Payroll and HR system.

FlexPayroll is about more - doing things more dynamically and more intelligently than ever before.

It’s about access to relevant and valuable information at anytime, anywhere.

It gives staff greater access to their payslip and tax information to reduce dependence on payroll and HR administrators.

FlexPayroll is a business tool that helps you grow and drive your business processes with the complete confidence that you are using the benchmark of today’s available payroll and HR management systems.

FlexPayroll costs less, because you don’t need to pay for all the people, products, and facilities to run our software.

FlexPayroll is more scalable, more secure, and more reliable than most on-premise applications.

Plus, upgrades are taken care of for you, so you get security and performance enhancements and new features—automatically.

Over and above delivering world class easy to use functionality which delivers automated results, giving you your time back, we back it up with outstanding professional service.


Overview of this guide

Key areas you should consider

FlexPayroll is a web based online solution. There are no downloads, no installations, no backup or restore processes and no upgrades or legislative updates required. All of this is done on the system without you needing to do anything.

No Maintenance

Access to Information & Self-service

FlexPayroll can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on as many workstations at the same time and whenever you like through any popular browser.

The adding of information is all workflow driven, intelligently guiding you from point A to point B. Page help and page guidance areas exist on every page as well as legislative and system help on any field that requires additional guidance.


Migrating Your Data to FlexPayroll

FlexPayroll will assist you in moving your current payroll solution or excel spreadsheet, in no time at all. We will bulk upload the majority of information and save you countless hours.

Cloud Analytics

Our Cloud Analytics platform is a business intelligence platform that lets you interact with your people data to generate insight in ways you never imagined


Our powerful payroll engine has built in legislation that ensures that the system administers any payroll requirement for you. Extract the electronic file for the easyFile submission process at a click of a button.


FlexPayroll offers a comprehensive and simplistic leave administration module at no additional cost. Employees can apply for leave online and check their balances.

Compliance & Simple Year End Process

All legislation is built into the system so you just select what you want to use and the system works out the figures.


Do away with paper payslips as the main delivery mechanism of an employee's payslip. Instead, on pay day, send all employees their payslips on their mobile phones and only print out payslips on request.

Disciplinary & Attachments

Utilise our disciplinary module to track transgressions and outcomes. Store a scanned in copy of the employee’s employment contract, ID and any other documentation so that it can easily be obtained.


The system is extremely easy to use. We do however understand the complexities surrounding certain companies pay structures and therefore we are available to you full-time either telephonically, or via email.


Security is our priority and we have insured the utmost safety and confidentiality of your data. For your peace of mind we have included 128 bit SSL encryption on every form within the system.

Total Cost of Ownership

While companies understand and scrutinize the cost of software and hardware very well, personnel and infrastructural costs are usually not examined as closely as they should be. Examining all these cost factors as a whole and how they impact the TCO is paramount in making an informed buying decision as well as running an efficient organisation and getting true value from your systems.

Staff Payment

You can pay your staff through Netcash, our integrated business partners, who provide an industry superior EFT payment system.

Printed Payslips

You can still print confidential payslips, at anytime, on any laser or ink-jet printer using our specialised self-sealing payslips. Enquire at our support desk to have some sent directly to you.

Payroll Outsourcing

At times certain organisations prefer to outsource their entire payroll and HR operations to us. You can outsource your entire payroll and HR function to us. We will holistically manage your entire staff compliments payroll, administration management and consultation.


No Upgrade Costs No Unnecessary Consulting

No Software Installation No People, Products & Facilities to run our Software

No Annual Licence Fees No Lengthy Implementation


Ask for the best fees suitable to your business

 Complete outsourcing solutions


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