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100% Silent Monitoring of PC's

 Printers, emails, facebook, restrict sites, printed documents, login details. Record everything the user sees.

PC Pandora implements optional 100% silent mode, which causes the program not to be listed in the start menu, task manager or in the list of running processes.

Personal use

As a parent, it is up to you to let your children know you are monitoring their activity. While there are several situations where parents may need to do some undercover investigating, we urge users to let their children know they are watching. If your kids know you can see what they do, they may be less inclined to engage in risky behavior online from the start.









Business Use

As an employer, you should research local laws on monitoring employee activity. We urge you to put an Internet use policy in place and let your employees know you are keeping tabs on them. However, this may not always be in line with your need for PC Pandora. For example, if you have an internal theft occurring, you may need to use covert tactics to find your thief.

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